Overuse Injuries in Running

If you have been running for years now, probably you might have come to a point once in your running career that you get into some kind of a running injury. And overuse injury is the most common one. This often occurs when the runner is isn’t experienced and probably are getting too excited to run long distances and in a much longer period of time without realizing that they’re already imposing exhaustion to their body.


As it is called, overuse injury happened when you tend to overuse your legs and your knees. If you put too much stress to your joints, muscles and tissues, it would result to overuse injury which can be painful and frustrating to the extent. It might even result to a severe injury, taking away from you’re the chance to run for life.

Dos and Don’ts

This is what you have to keep in mind, if you are new to running, understand your limits and make sure that you know the dos and don’ts. Marathoners are seasoned and experienced, and that’s what beginners need to understand. If it’s your first time to run longer distances, take note of all the things that you can and can’t do.

stretchRunning requires preparation. That means if you are planning to join fun runs and marathons, it requires preparation. How? You can do regular short runs a week before. You really have to prepare and condition your legs and knees before the actual run. And make sure to rest in between. Never push yourself too much.

You also need to gradually improve yourself. You can’t do it in a day. Increasing your mileage every time you run is a great idea. You might want to start with long walks first. Then slowly challenge yourself and increase your distance. You also need to use the right shoes for long walks to keep yourself from injury.

For beginners, never level yourself to marathoners who have been running for years. You can achieve that. But it would require a process. Make sure to do regular exercise and stretching as well. Instead of running every day, you can just do it every other day, giving your legs the time to rest and heal if needs to. Overusing your legs, joints and knee muscles will definitely lead you to injury.

Running Injuries

Running injury is one of the most common injuries on the record. That’s even the reason why many companies are actually finding ways to help people with injuries to run still. Just like wearing leg compression socks which can help for better blood circulation. There are still other helpful gears that you can also wear to avoid injuries.

Remember, injuries can be career ending. Your legs are as important as your eyes. Getting into serious injury that affects your legs would mean a lot to how you’d be living your life. Overuse injury might be common and simple. But it might lead to a more serious one if you don’t have the right knowledge. Running is awesome, but staying away from injury is even more awesome!



Injury Prevention in Old Age

As we grow old, we are becoming more and more vulnerable to injuries. That’s one of the reasons why elderlies are required to put extra precaution to avoid injuries which might have a more severe effects or worse would cause disability to people of old age.


Statistics show that about 90 percent of the causes of injuries to elderly are falls and accidents on car collisions. And since all of us one way or another have our elderly loved ones at home, or we ourselves will become old sooner or later, it’s important that we know how to prevent getting into these incidents that would lead us to sever injuries.

The best way to stay away from injuries is to have the right ideas. It is important that you have the right information what and how to prevent injuries. Although there might be sites like www.braceaccess.com that are working to help people with injuries to get better, prevention is still better than cure.

Injury Prevention

There might be no definite formula when it comes to injury prevention but there are several effective suggestions that will help the elderly to stay away from injuries.

driveFirst, it is important that elderly’s body already have limitations. That would mean you know when to do something and not to. For instance, people of age driving a car. Keep in mind that almost every part of their body aren’t working as well as they were young. Poor eye sight, less leg and arm power and not so good eye and hand coordination. Thus, if possible, they should refrain from driving. Yet if they still want to, they need to have someone with them or they should maintain a very low speed.

Another way to prevent injuries to elderly is to make sure that you have someone who keeps an eye on them all the time. Falls and slips are some of the cause of injuries for them, yet if they have someone who can assist them on whatever they do, accidents can be avoided.

Lastly, you have to understand that hazards are all around your home. If you have elderly at home, it would be important if you can clear your home from threats and harms. In order to avoid slips, falls, cuts and a whole lot more incidents, take a closer look at every part of your house and remove whatever you find that you think may harm them.

Elderly Injury

Elderly injury have severe effects and it may even lead to complete disability. In which you’ll find some who wear knee braces for osteoarthritis. Yet you definitely don’t want to reach that point. As we get old, our body becomes weaker and is not able to resist too much force. Our bones becoming brittle, knees become weaker and we react less fast.  That’s why we need to give more attention to the possible causes of injuries around us. Before things become worse, preventing accidents to happen is important. And having the right information on hand is needed and will help a lot.




Why Athletes Must Be Aware of anger Management

Before winning the game on the pit, athletes must win the anger game first.  It is so easy to lose it when the body’s temperature is high.  We have seen many stories of athletes falling into disgrace due to a moment of anger.

Constantly having fits inside the field has represented discipline measures that wind up affecting a career.  This and others are some reasons why athletes must be aware of anger management.

Sports are competitive

Anyone with at least a bone to winning knows that sports besides being a discipline, are about competition.  This represents a state of mind that sometimes requires attaining such goal no matter what.  At times, meeting this goal appears to be out of your control.  This is when the feelings of frustration seem to seep in.  So, what do you do?  Do you start shouting?  Do you push the referee?  Will wildly ranting help your team or actually affect them?  Most probably the latter will happen.

In the heat of the Game

It is important to realize that, when the body is exercising and at full heat, it is easier to “steam”.   This is pretty much like making decisions while angry-not the best idea.  If when on the field, under high temperature and stress, an unfair action takes place, the response will usually be not the best.  Most rules for disciplining players that act under their heat are relentless. Basically, if you feel that shouting to the referee’s face is the best way to vent out, fine.  But you will be booked anyway.

Treating teammates poorly will also result in disciplinary actions from the team board.  Besides, it will affect relationships between team members. In the end, the team is affected.

Frustration will arise almost all the time

It is important to understand that frustrations will always arise.  Decisions made by game judges will not always match those of the players.  Keep in mind that what you think is right is biased by the fact that you are playing for the team.

This results in frustration that can easily lead to unwanted reactions.  Once again, the team will pay the price if harsh complaints are made.  If an athlete feels they are being judged or refereed poorly, probably the best way to approach this is through the board members. Either way, venting out during an event will not help much.

Sports ability is not essential

It is not if an athlete has anger management issues.  It does not matter if an athlete is an important asset to the team.  If they are always on the angry side of situations they will build a reputation that will not be outmatched by sports skills.  The best thing that an athlete that is high-ranked can do for their team is to get anger management help.

The top psychotherapy Toronto office is open to offering athletes solutions to anger issues.  It is essential for athletes to be able to handle anger situations to avoid discipline issues.  Getting the correct therapy is a good start.

Why TickHill Running Club Uses Reitenright for their Horse Training Needs

There are so many benefits found in Reitenright that it is not easy to pin them all down. In an attempt to put a finger on it, we will be mentioning some reasons why TickHill Running Club uses Reitenright for their horse training needs.

Here are TickHill Running Club we take the well-being and health of our horses seriously.   We believe that a happy horse is one with the potential of performing at its maximum capacity.  This is why we are always looking for the best products that will make us and our horses happy.  Reitenright is able to satisfy these our demanding needs in a rather effective way.

These are the reasons why TickHill prefers Reitenright:

  • Watering needs have been reduced by almost the half.  Reitenright is a horse footing arena that retains moisture so good.  This helps to the binding of the materials without the need of watering every time.  In fact, our watering needs for the arena have almost reduced to the half.  So, it is not only safe for the environment as we have reduced our water intake by almost one-half, but it is also good for our finances.
  • Great cushion and traction.  One of the problems that we had encountered with other footing is that we really wanted to reduce the impact on horses.  But cushioning the arena really took its toll on traction.  Horses saw how the soft arena greatly reduced friction.  Performances were not the same and there was even an injury caused by poor traction.  Reitenright provides the amazing combination of surface smoothness and uncompromised traction.
  • The great energy return.  In order for our horses to perform their best during presentations, the floor they hit should be able to provide some spring.  Reitenright does so in such an effective way.  The excellent energy return allows our horses to stride on an arena where they are being sprung gently.
  • It was a good healthy choice.  The materials used for Reitenright are perfect for the overall health of our horses.  We love the fact that this is one thing that the company really places and emphasis on: the well-being of our horses.  Besides this, the materials used for the arena footing are all carefully selected and protective to the environment.  The standard for the materials used meets all of the requirements for components that come in contact with human skin.  So, not only the horses are in an appropriate and healthy environment but also those who take care of them.
  • Reitenright is antimicrobial, which to us at TickHill is very important.  Even when the material retains moisture is it resistant to mold and mildew.

Overall, the sound of footfalls with Reitenright just sounds right.  The materials with which it is made are very durable, healthy, and provide the best performance.  These are some of the things that we consider fundamental here in TickHill.   Not only our horses are important but also the people that work with the horses.   We take all these aspects seriously and we have found that Reitenright is capable of supplying for all our needs.

Which Pre-workout is the Best for Runners?

Running takes a lot of endurance, especially if you want to compete. In order to become a proficient runner, you must practice and workout on a regular basis. With that in mind, a sound mind and body will be very important to keep you running on a regular basis and that’s where supplements come into play. But always remember that you shouldn’t rely to supplements alone. Nothing can beat a healthy and balanced diet.

But pre-workout supplements can help you bring out the best in you. This list of pre-workout supplements review should help you decide which ones to get. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Amino Energy: Optimum Nutrition

A decent supplement to enhance your cardio endurance as well as recovery. It contains BCAAs, a great recovery and endurance supplement ingredient. Aside from that, it also contains L-glutamine, caffeine and antioxidants. Recommended servings contains caffeine equal to a cup and a half of coffee.

Body Rush: Force Factor

Brings you energy and focus by utilizing a powerful combination of caffeine, tyrosine, green tea extract, and guarana extract. Aside from providing endurance and strength, it also comes with BCAAs, B-vitamins, carnitine and electrolyte blends that’s going to be helpful for hydration.

N.O.Xplode 2.0: BSN

If you want a caffeine-free supplement, then this one is for you. For those who loves caffeine and thinks that it’s the only that provides you with a powerful kick, then you’ll change your opinion. It comes with a lot of B-vitamins, taurine and tyrosine, all of which provides you with a decent amount of energy boost, which when combined, will provide you with similar effects. It also contains creatine and beta alanine to boost strength. Overall, this could probably be the best caffeine-free pre-workout supplement one can obtain in the market today.

EVP (Evopoietin One-Alpha): Evogen

Another caffeine-free pre-workout supplement which focuses mainly on providing you with focus. With a good focus, you can easily up your chances of getting a good workout. We all know that there are days where we’ll be in the zone, but there are also days when we’re not and when that time comes, this supplement will do the work. In addition to that, it also boosts strength via creatine and beta alanine along with improved endurance with the help of B-vitamins, Citrulline and glutamine.

Xtend: Scivation

With 7g of BCAAs and 6g of Leucine and Glutamine, your muscle growth will surely go above the charts and provide them with endurance during training. In addition to that, the included Citrulline Malate will help your muscles obtain necessary nutrients.

Long Distance Running is more in the mind than anything else

Committed runners take it as a sweet challenge to travel through long trails.  A two-hour non-stop run is a great way to relax and to stay toned and fit.  It is a great cardio but it also is one that requires good stamina and determination.  Now, when you think about running for two hours, you are probably thinking, “well, that is way too much for me!”  You see, your body is perfectly capable of taking it.  Very long trails are traveled by runners every day.

Think about marathons, the pretty long ones. There is always a winner in the many categories.  But the main race involves several kilometers taken in no less than at least one hour.  So you come to ask yourself what it is that they have that you do not.  Yes, a trail of, say, 10 kilometers, is a very long way to go. However, as stated before, your body is perfectly fit for it if you are a regular runner.

This leads to the conclusion that the one thing that is probably keeping you from running long distances is inside your mind.   Now, it does require more than confidence, granted.  It also requires some work.  Probably your worst fear is that you will be stuck in the middle of the trail and will have no strength to go back.

If you are having this kind of fears, then you should probably train a little.  Actually, start little by little.  Ideally, put yourself a goal for every training session.  Start the first day with a mere 3-kilometer run.  Then, little by little, push yourself a bit more every day.  You will be able to identify what is the maximum distance you can run.

With this information, you must find a program or diet that will allow you to build resistance to push your boundaries.  Work on this aspect before taking your running any further. Very importantly, do not halt on your regular running routine.

You should be able to collect enough performance to go over longer trails now.  There is an inherent satisfaction in the success of running through a long trail.  You can see that it is more about determination.  The success of such endeavor depends on your mind more than in anything else.

Your mindset is the most important factor affecting whether you succeed or not.  Throughout times we have seen how the power of the mind has enabled people to complete feats others might think impossible to complete.  Once you have set your mind into doing something, you have gone halfway already.

Long-distance trails are not for the faint of heart.  They are for people who love running and who believe that they can do it anytime, anywhere.  Learn how to get psychologically fit for doing those things that your body “thinks” it cannot do.  A good psychotherapy Toronto service can help you overcome your fears and help you be the best you can.  Rely on them to help you meet your goals.  There is a long distance trail waiting for you, challenging you.  Reach that goal and enjoy the satisfaction of delivering your best work.

Essential Oils are Great For Runners

Essential oils have been known to have great benefits to human health, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  They are used in many forms and to treat conditions such as cancer, stress, hormonal conditions, thyroid, etc.  They are also great for skin care and cleaning products. Aromatherapy is a very popular technique used to promote good health.  Now, for us runners, there definitively has to be great benefits from using essential oils. So, if you are an avid runner, this information is of your interest.

We will focus specifically on using essential oils to relieve any pain or skin affection associated with the exercise of running.   As a runner, you are always looking for ways to improve your performance and recover fast from any ailment caused by running.  Let us take a look at the most common problems runners face and how they can be treated with essential oils.

Athlete’s foot

You need an oil that works as antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral.  In fact, you can combine three oils to get such result.  A preparation of 6 drops of tea tree oil, 3 drops of lavender, and a carrier oil (coconut, olive, or almond-use this one as a 1-oz solvent) will do the job.   Apply this three times a day on the affected area with a cotton or Q-tip.


This is actually very common, especially for trail runners that go through long distances.  Diffuse some peppermint oil and take some whiffs before going to your marathon.  This will help you lift up your step.  You can add some drops on your feet to invigorate them as well.


For blisters, place lavender oil directly on the affected area.  This brings relief and reduces pain.


Even though we choose the best times to run away from the sun, sometimes our trails are open to the sun and we cannot get past it.  Getting sunburned is likely to happen.  To treat this, apply lavender directly on the area with a cotton.  After one day, you can apply equal parts of lavender and a carrier oil (almond or coconut) to moisturize the burn.


Tea tree oil and coconut oil are great for the treatment of delicate areas that may chafe.  Alternatively, you can also mix coconut oil with frankincense and lavender.  Apply three times a day on the affected area.

Sore muscles

Essentially, you can use essential oils to massage sore muscles after a running session.  Also, you can pamper yourself with an oil massage.  Mix equal amounts of Epsom salts and peppermint oil and pour into your bath water.  This will help recover tired muscles fast.  For a massage, add 10 drops of peppermint oil to two tablespoons of almond oil and rub on the sore muscle.

It is recommended that, if you are going to apply an oil on your skin, use a carrier oil to dissolve it.  Follow the instructions of application found in the bottle.  If you apply drops to your palms, rub them together in a circular motion and then apply on the affected area and massage.



How Biathletes and Hunters Calm their Breathing After Running



What do hunters and biathletes have in common? Well, they all do long rounds of cardio while shooting in between. A biathlon usually consists of the athlete skiing across a country trail with the total distance disrupted with four shooting rounds. The first two shooting rounds in a prone position while the other two is in standing position. Those who have tried this even at the amateur level knows the difficulty in trying to calm your nerves in order to shoot and hit your target.

Hunters on the other hand, have to do long distance walking and running after their game and shooting as the opportunity arises. This too presents a level of difficulty in acquiring, shooting and actually hitting your target. Not even the best archery sight with the best bow reviews can help you in hitting your target in this kind of scenario. So how do they calm their nerves after running or walking or skating?

Calming your breathing and consequently calming your nerves is both an art and a science. Elite biathletes and hunters can calm themselves down by lowering their heart rates seconds after they stop and acquire their targets. Here are the techniques that they employ:

  1. Have a steady composure—They tend to remain calm even in every stressful situation. They make it a point to practice a calm composure throughout the day rather than to calm themselves down in haste during the competition.
  2. Train harder—In order to make the body accustomed to stress, you need to train really hard until calming down your breathing, acquiring your target and consequently hitting it is second nature. You have to remember that the ability to lower your heart rate in seconds is a sign that you are at the top of your health. If you cannot attain this ability, that means that you are not that fit.
  3. Practice deep breathing—This is the key to everything. If you do frequent shallow breaths, then that means you’re panting and consequently, your hands won’t be steady. This is a huge problem among hunters and biathletes. You need to practice deep and consistent breathing in order to calm your nerves.
  4. Have the right mindset—Keep anxiety out! You can’t expect to practice all of the techniques above if you are an anxious person. This is particularly true when training and during the actual competition.

The best way to remain calm is to avoid overthinking about the matter. Give yourself time to relax after you have trained really hard. Both mind and body need a breathing space in order to recuperate and regain its strength.

The Importance of Massage After A Long Run

KilianWhether you’re a newbie trying to piece together a running routine the will work for you or an experienced distance runner who just wants to recover faster, a massage will do wonders for you. You don’t even have to worry about past injuries or a lack of flexibility, a concern mostly by people who get a Thai massage.

Elite runners swear by the massage as evidenced by massage therapists as a fixture in their team during training and at the race. Even in public races, many participants line up to get a good post-run massage outside the massage therapy tent.

A massage, like the popular deep tissue massage, will feel really good if you’re a runner. Marathoners, sprinters, or recreational runners have all reported that their muscles feel less tight after a race and they can move their legs better.

The muscle movement during a run actually adheres to this principle. Long distance runs make muscles contract repeatedly to proper you forward. The more force and the longer you use those muscles the more these muscle fiber have to work. It is the reason why runners can run for long distances depending on their training and experience.

Trail runners can sometimes experience even more stress on their leg muscles on a run. Not only do these athletes run a long distance but they also have to deal with uneven terrain and other natural obstacles making their muscles work even harder.

The repeated contractions and muscle fatigue causes the muscles to shorten or become tight once a runner is done with the activity. It also means that the muscles are compressed together which makes it harder for blood to flow more fluidly to the tissues and makes them a little less flexible.

During a massage, the rubbing actually allows the muscles to relax and slowly elongate back to its normal state. This removes the tightness, improve the mobility of the muscle, and facilitate better blood flow to the area.

Physiologically, massage therapy actually has a relieving effect to the entire human body. Aside from improved circulation, the body is allowed to relax which translates to wider blood vessel diameter and lower blood pressure.

This relief will have a significant effect to anyone who gets a massage. However, for active people like runners the relieving effect might be more profound. Massage therapy for runner can actually mean faster muscle and injury recovery which will translate to their performance on the track.

Runners should always opt to get the full treatment so that they can feel all the benefits of massage therapy. This kind of massage digs deep down on muscle tissue to apply some corrective measures on it for muscle repair and maintenance. It’s a bit different than massages you get from spas and massage parlors because the people who carry out these methods are well-trained and have a license.

You must also remember that a massage is not a one-time miracle method for the aches and pains you feel after a run. This kind of therapy however has a cumulative effect which means you must get multiple massages to allow your body to recover fully.

A scheduled massage therapy routine would be your best bet in getting all its benefits. Consult with your doctor, listen to your body, and weigh it along with your budget when you come up with your recovery program. This will allow you to get the most out of your massage.