Month: April 2015

Running with Your Dog

Getting in shape is a lot harder if you are trying to do this alone, you need someone to motivate you in achieving your health goals. Finding a companion is not hard to do if you have a pet, specifically a dog. You may not realize this, but the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” is true in more ways than one. A canine friend can easily be your finest buddy in helping you achieve a healthy physique and more.

Dog Walking

Studies show that dog owners, who live in the cities, are healthier than non owners. Basically, because having a dog entails the responsibility of walking them once in a while – encouraging a person to engage more in physical activities. Dog walking or running with your dog is a great way to get a daily dose of exercise, which is much needed to attain a healthy body for you and your buddy. All you need is a pair of running shoes, a leash and a safe place to run.  Being with a canine companion makes running more fun and through this, you and your dog can get numerous health benefits from the sunshine, the fresh air and of course from running.

Benefits of Running with Your Pet

  • The best benefit of running with your dog is that it can develop a deeper connection with your pet. Dogs are at their happiest when they are spending time with their masters, and these pets are more disciplined and respectful when you bond with them.
  • It is a given fact that routine exercise promotes a healthy body and just to emphasize more on this, running with your dog enhances endurance, strength and agility and develops those muscles for a healthy physique for you and your pet. Moreover, running boosts the immunity, preventing the both of you from getting a disease or catching a flu.
  • A dog never complains. In fact, your running buddy enjoys the physical activity more than you do and I bet you’ll be the first one to complain of fatigue.
  • With a faithful friend running by your side, you are assured of safety. Dogs sense danger, and when you are out and about, he can protect you from a person who wants to harm you.
  • Having a pet itself reduces stress, anxiety and loneliness. And most of you know that running is so relaxing and also reduces stress and brain fatigue. Imagine what running with your pet can do. It may even eradicate those negative factors in your life.
  • For those of you who are looking for someone to date or go out with, running with your pet attracts animal lovers out there. It is a great way to meet other people and of course other canines too. Who knows, one of the people you’ll meet can lead to a deeper relationship.
  • If you and your dog are very idle, and love being a coach potato, then you have to get up and start running with your pet. Running will help you develop a more active and healthier lifestyle for your own and your dog’s sake.

A Man’s Best Friend

With all these benefits, it looks like your dog is the key not only to get that sexy body you are lusting about, but also the happiness you are searching for. A canine friend offers unconditional love, companionship, relaxation and loyalty. A routine exercise like dog walking or running can go a long way. It is a life changing experience for you and your pal that will benefit you in many ways.