Month: May 2015

Do You Want to Get in Shape? Hire a Qualified Trainer!

Have you ever noticed that every time a New Year starts people make goals or resolutions and one of them is to get in shape and improve their overall health and wellness. But, how many of them succeed in their goals? A few, right?

I am sure that you are wondering why people fail when it comes to improving their physique? Having a healthy body is simple – eat right, exercise right and live right. But, I guess, it’s easier said than done. The best thing you can do right now if you really want to get that sexy physique you’ve been dreaming of, is to hire a “qualified” personal trainer. Thus, what makes a personal trainer qualified? Read on.


Anyone can claim to be a personal trainer, but the best way to determine his knowledge about fitness and health is through his educational background. A personal trainer should at least have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the related field. The degree will verify whether he has an in-depth knowledge about the human body, nutrition, exercise programming and biomechanics. He must be aware that every person is unique and must know how to come up with an individualized lifestyle design suitable for his clients.


There are many certifying agencies today, but be skeptical about where a personal trainer get his credentials. Not all certification programs are reputable and some are just hoaxes. An authentic personal trainer garnered his certification from the best certifying organizations and had passed both the written and practical exams.


The personal trainer you intended to hire must have the amount of experience of assisting other people successfully achieve their wellness and health. This will be a good indication that he possesses the skills and expertise to lead you towards your fitness goals. A personal trainer must know every detail of weight management from the simple proper running technique to complex routine exercises and how starving yourself wouldn’t do good in achieving your fitness goals. So ask around and do your own research on the most qualified personal trainer in your area that can help you change your life for the better.


A personal trainer should be sincere in helping other people. He must have an enthusiastic attitude in improving people’s lives through health and wellness. These characteristics indicate that he is dedicated to your success and will always be there to motivate you until you attain the healthy body that you always wanted.

People fail in their fitness goals for a number of reasons. Some may lack the interest or lose the desire to have a healthy lifestyle because there is no one to motivate and push them to their limits. A qualified personal trainer like the ones in Thrive Fitness  will help you accomplish all your fitness goals. I am confident that the right fitness expert cannot only help you to get in shape, but also help you be a better person.

How Running Will Make You a Better Baseball Player

For many baseball players, training and proper exercises are vital. Professional athletes even spend most of their time in trainings and work out. These workouts and exercises help them improve their strength and condition them for a better playing performance.

In order to gain the right strength and power, each player should go into some series of exercises, often lead by a coach. With baseball, batting power and speed should be the main focus when training. Given that, what possible exercises a beginner baseball player should focus on?

Running and Baseball

If there’s one thing that you need to be good at when playing baseball, that is running in short distance speed. Baseball does not require long distance run; it only requires a short burst of speed from one base to another. You only need a few seconds of sprint to make it to the next base.


However, regular running exercises are still needed for you to achieve the stamina and the good cardio power when playing baseball. You need to learn how to run fast in the span of seconds. And you definitely can’t do that if you don’t condition your body with constant and regular running workouts.

The majority of the running exercises for baseball players is to learn how to utilize all the muscles of your feet. If you want to know how to run faster, you need to stop running slow. Do some series of sprints daily and gain that leg strength that you need.

Be a Better Baseball Player

What are the basic things that you must do when playing baseball?  Run faster, hit the ball harder and throw it right! That sounds so easy, right? Anyone can play baseball, but not all can do it better, or best. If you are aiming to be a better baseball player, make sure to learn the craft well and train without ceasing.


Thus, other than wishing to have the best baseball bat, you also need to work your way on how to hit that ball really hard. And after hitting that ball really hard, you also need to train on how to run faster. Not to forget about practicing on how to catch the ball right. There are more to baseball than just batting, and that’s what you need to be better at.

Why Choose Baseball?

There are many good reasons why baseball is considered as the most favorite past time in the US.  You can even witness some amateur baseball tournaments in many different schools and some families even make it a perfect bonding sport where all family members can play it altogether.

Comparing it to any other sports, baseball seems to be a less expensive option. It also does not require too much strength to exert when playing. But still a perfect sport to play even for kids. Just make sure that you tone your body in the best way possible.

Performing the right exercises is very much important for baseball players. Address whatever physical imbalances you may have. Keep a strong feet and arms to improve your game. And don’t forget about the power of regular running to improve you in all possible ways!

Stop Running from the Truth – Why a Personal Trainer Can Help You Run Effectively to Lose Weight

It seems that the easiest way most people know how to lose those nasty extra pounds is through running. For some reason it has been a go-to-exercise for the general population. You can see people running everywhere in the hope of shedding off those extra fats. And sometimes it such a pity to watch their efforts go to waste because they make a lot of mistakes and are unaware of the proper running technique. If you are running because you enjoy it, then that’s great! You can use any form you are comfortable with. But if you are running to lose weight, then it’s time to stop running from the truth, you need a personal trainer to guide you.

Why Your Running Technique Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight

Running can help you lose weight as long as you are doing it right. When you started running, you might have noticed that you lost some pounds. However, after quite some time, you don’t see any effect anymore. That is because you have reached a plateau. You need to diversify your running technique and add intensity to it. At Soul Fitness Personal Training, a fitness expert can help you do that safely without overworking and harming your body. Bear in mind that if you want to drop in size constantly you have to keep running farther and farther. This is quite difficult if there is no one to motivate you. Again, hiring a personal trainer can come in handy when you need someone to push you to your limits.

How a Personal Trainer’s Technique in Running will Help You Attain a Healthy Physique

“The bottom line to proper running technique is to work with your body rather than against it.”

~ Anonymous

 Different individuals have different body needs. Thus, there are also different mechanics required when running. Plus, there are also some key principles and techniques that a fitness expert can teach you in order for you to run more efficiently to be able to lose weight and prevent the occurrence of injuries.

Don’t be stuck in mindless running and stop torturing yourself for a little reward. Opt for a private fitness with a personal trainer and level up your running techniques, then watch yourself achieve a healthy body and an awesome physique.

Watch this short video of Do’s and Don’ts of Running

Paddleboarding to Make You A Better Trail Runner

Proper training is definitely important for athletes. The way they perform their skills are most of the time depend on how well they trained and how capable their body are. For trail runners, for instance, it is very crucial that they keep their legs and thighs in shape. And how can you that? Run and perform the right exercises.

Do you know that recently it was acknowledged that paddleboarding is one of the perfect activities to do for training for trail runners? Yes, you read that right, paddleboarding now, can help you become a better runner.


You probably wonder how this sport can actually help runners to gain the strength they needed. Paddleboarding is a kind of water sport activity where you have to plant your feet right on the board, keeping your balance while paddling through the water. It uses hobie SUP boards, which can be very similar with that of a surfing board.


Paddleboarding is now starting to become very popular because of the tons of benefits that it offers. It is such a perfect way to work out plus having the fun of staying in the water. This sport is considered a light and easy way to keep your body fit and strong.

Paddleboarding to Train?

Many trail runners now consider cross-training, adding paddleboarding on the list. Since with this water sport, you got to put some effort in keeping your balance and gain more standing stability on the board, it hits your leg muscles, keeping it firm and eventually stronger. Many runners who tried paddleboarding significantly saw a great impact on the ankle strength when they run.

This can be good news for uphill trail runners. Since paddleboarding can help you gain the right core strength, you will notice a considerably difference on your strength, you’ll get a stronger legs that can sustain the wear and tear of running uphill.

Trail Running

Trail runners surely need strength works in which are engaging their muscles in many different ways. That’s the only way that they can gain the right drive when running. Downhill running offers a great challenge for anyone. It might damage your muscles if they aren’t strong enough. You might also trip down and that will throw you off.


Given all the possible challenge, trail runners are always finding ways to cross-train to improve their strength well. It is also important that you know how to control your speed when running. A sudden change of speed when running downhill can be very risky.  Practice and training are very important if you want to perfect the art of trail running.

Getting Started

If you want to do some cross-training and gain the right kind of strength that you need for running, paddleboarding is the answer. It is such a perfect way to achieve the strength that you need for your legs, knees and ankle but without exhausting them too much. Paddleboarding is a perfect alternative for those looking for a fun way to work out. Try something new for yourself today. Get started with paddleboarding and experience how it can help you become a great trail runner!