Welcome to Tickhill Running Club!

Thank you for visiting our website. At Tickhill Running Club, we aim to make running fun and social while still facilitating the achievement of your own performance goals. Our group consists of all sorts of runners, from recreational trail runners to ultra marathon runners. Recently, we have started to see athletes of other disciplines join our running group to have some fun and add to their training.

Who Can Join?

Anyone is welcome to join our running group. However, it should be noted, we all run at our own pace. Those who run at similar paces often group up and run together, forming various little groups of runners. Some prefer to meet with the group and then run alone at their own pace, and that’s totally fine too.

The reason we mention this is that if you are new to running and are starting out quite slow, it may be tough to find someone to run with unless you bring a friend who his on the same level. We will always provide a fun, positive, supportive environment for anyone who joins Tickhill Running Club, so if you are uncertain whether or not you will be comfortable joining, simply show up and try it out one day. The more the merrier!

When do we run?

We meet every Tuesday at 7pm by the statue adjacent to the Kensington Community Centre. We usually start running by around 7:15-7:20. The length of the run may vary for different runners, but we always meet at a local cafe afterwards, with the majority of the group being present by 8:30pm.

Where do we run?

This is difficult to answer, as our running loop usually changes every month, just to keep things interesting. We typically try and stick to the trails at nearby parks (there are many in the area), but there may be smaller portions of sidewalks or concrete paths, depending on our running route at that particular time.

We welcome any suggestions for potential running loops. Even if it is not meant to start by the statue, let us know, as we occasionally arrange random runs in other nearby locations on the weekends.

Getting Started

If you are interested in joining our running group, want to talk to someone in person, or simply want to give it a try before making any decisions, please feel free to meet us at the statue any Tuesday at 7pm by the statue. If you would like to join for the run, please have your running gear on or with you. There are nearby washrooms.

If you prefer, you can also contact us online.