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Ten Reasons I’m Training for a Triathlon

Ten Reasons I’m Training for a Triathlon

1. Health

Everyone knows that regular exercise offers loads of health benefits mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ve been “addicted” to exercise since I was 14. Serious about it since I was 18. In order to be as healthy as possible I have made healthy eating and exercise a priority in my life. I taught swimming lessons as a teen and am certified in kickboxing and power yoga. What I enjoy most for exercise is aerobics, TRX training, spinning, and loads of intense and challenging heated power yoga. Training for a triathlon incorporates cross training with three very different types of sports. Cross-training not only helps prevent plateaus in cardio workouts, but it also distributes the stress of exercise on the body more evenly. Despite I have been using plus size knee braces for a while now – I am determined to keep up my power yoga practice which is excellent for runners and cyclists. Plus, why not mix things up and challenge my mind and body with something new?

2. Momentum

I’ll begin to feel stronger within a few weeks of training, which means I’ll be able to do a little more and go a little further.

3. Stress Relief

Hmmm, this is an interesting one as I can’t imagine anything relieving stress and emotions while strengthening the body and mind better than power yoga, but I am told triathlon training is another excellent way to achieve these benefits. I am excited to see if I find triathlon training as a form of stress relief. Whether I do or don’t I know it will challenge my mind tremendously between the running and road biking (two forms of exercise not currently on my list of favorites!)

4. Productivity

Pushing through new challenges and struggles encourages mental focus, increases energy and strengthens confidence. I always get more accomplished and push myself to the next level the more I challenge and create new opportunities for myself.

5. Focus

Focus, concentration, and creativity will all increase as a result of training for something challenging and new.

6. Breaking Through Fear

I sometimes wonder if in my 20s I was fearless or if I chose not to acknowledge fear. Maybe I was just naive and thought nothing scary could ever happen to me. Somehow into my 30s I’ve noticed a few fears, and even occasional doubts. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ”There is nothing to fear but fear itself” is one of my favorite quotes because while having fears is human nature, refusing to acknowledge fears and holding onto fear makes the distance between yourself and our potential that much greater. Training and finishing a triathlon will put me face to face with my weaknesses. (hello, I can barely run and am fearful of wiping out on a bike!) Strengthen your weaknesses, chose to push through fears and doubts, and you will achieve and receive extraordinary things in your life.

7. Travel

Travel and Fitness- 2 of my top 10 favorite things. I might do the triathlon outside the California area. I can’t tell you how much the thought of travel and fitness combined excites and thrills me!

8. Mission Accomplished

As long as I can remember I’ve always been competitive against myself. The concept of competing against myself is likely about based on self-improvement, reaching to be better every day. Through the practice and study of yoga I’ve learned to be less harsh on myself and more self accepting. I still, however, maintain a high level of expectations for myself. New goals and achievements gives me that sense of accomplishment which in turn makes one feel happy, promotes a positive attitude, energy, and all around makes you feel better about life and everything that surrounds you.

9. Friendship

What could be more fun than training for something and meeting new athletic friends? It’s likely I will meet new like minded fitness people and fellow trainers too.

10. Inspiration

Every new accomplishment transforms my life in ways I never imagined were possible. I am ready to begin the journey, soar ahead, and receive what comes my way…

“A true champion knows how to overcome doubts and manage those doubts and turn them into motivation.” – Misty Hyman

Overuse Injuries in Running

If you have been running for years now, probably you might have come to a point once in your running career that you get into some kind of a running injury. And overuse injury is the most common one. This often occurs when the runner is isn’t experienced and probably are getting too excited to run long distances and in a much longer period of time without realizing that they’re already imposing exhaustion to their body.

As it is called, overuse injury happened when you tend to overuse your legs and your knees. If you put too much stress to your joints, muscles and tissues, it would result to overuse injury which can be painful and frustrating to the extent. It might even result to a severe injury, taking away from you’re the chance to run for life.

Dos and Don’ts

This is what you have to keep in mind, if you are new to running, understand your limits and make sure that you know the dos and don’ts. Marathoners are seasoned and experienced, and that’s what beginners need to understand. If it’s your first time to run longer distances, take note of all the things that you can and can’t do.

Running requires preparation. That means if you are planning to join fun runs and marathons, it requires preparation. How? You can do regular short runs a week before. You really have to prepare and condition your legs and knees before the actual run. And make sure to rest in between. Never push yourself too much.

You also need to gradually improve yourself. You can’t do it in a day. Increasing your mileage every time you run is a great idea. You might want to start with long walks first. Then slowly challenge yourself and increase your distance. You also need to use the right shoes for long walks to keep yourself from injury.  Here is how you can continually increase your distance.


For beginners, never level yourself to marathoners who have been running for years. You can achieve that. But it would require a process. Make sure to do regular exercise and stretching as well. Instead of running every day, you can just do it every other day, giving your legs the time to rest and heal if needs to. Overusing your legs, joints and knee muscles will definitely lead you to injury.

Running Injuries

Running injury is one of the most common injuries on the record. That’s even the reason why many companies are actually finding ways to help people with injuries to run still. Just like wearing leg compression socks which can help for better blood circulation. There are still other helpful gears that you can also wear to avoid injuries.

Remember, injuries can be career ending. Your legs are as important as your eyes. Getting into serious injury that affects your legs would mean a lot to how you’d be living your life. Overuse injury might be common and simple. But it might lead to a more serious one if you don’t have the right knowledge. Running is awesome, but staying away from injury is even more awesome!