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What is the best type of music to run to

Whether you’re getting ready for your next marathon or just your weekly day at the gym tour going to need some beats for top performance. Running can be a real chore and it’s hard to find that motivation at times. Music will help you get the motivation to move when you don’t feel like it.

Studies have shown that music can improve an athlete’s performance. Normally it’s supposed that fast songs are the best choice but other studies have shown that tempo matters very little. Instead, it depends on whether the runner finds it personally motivational

A study in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research had 15 men run three 5km runs over several weeks. The first one while listening to slow 80-100 beats per minute songs. The second while listening to faster songs of 140-160 BPM and the last with no music at all. They performed far better when listening to music but the interesting thing is that the difference in their finish times between fast and slow music was minuscule. The runners were allowed to choose their own music so the researchers concluded that the speed of the music didn’t matter in making a person feel motivated but more what the song means to the person. If it’s a song you enjoy you.

You can take from that so that it doesn’t make much difference how fast the song is just so long as you find it enjoyable. All that said though here’s a list of five music types that are great for running.

Heavy Metal

This is loud and aggressive music that is sure to get the blood pumping. Being so fast paced this will keep you running all the way through your workout. A lot of it is also very angry which can be channelled into a great workout. Metallica, Ghost and Rage Against the Machine are some great choices.


A great beat can work really well for keeping you in a rhythm. There’s a good reason clubs play this music a lot as it’s fast paced music that gets everybody moving. Some great artists are DJ Krista and The Prodigy.


The consistent beat of rap combined with great storytelling lyrics can really take your mind away and allow you to get through a difficult workout. The more aggressive versions can also give you that extra boost when it’s needed. Good choices are N.W.A, Wu-Tang Clan, 2Pac and Immortal Technique.


There are many kinds of classical music to choose from. Not all are slow paced but all are certainly relaxing which can help keep you mellow and allow your mind to drift away.

Classic Rock

Just like heavy metal, classic rock can be great for getting you moving. It’s carried enough in style and sound that you’re sure to find something you like.

Experiment with different music styles and find one that works for you. As the study above shows, it’s what the music makes you feel personally that matters, not the speed or tempo.