How to treat common running injuries

Whether you’re running a marathon or just your daily jog an injury can screw everything up and throw your whole exercise routine out the window. As much as we might wish for a pain-free run, injuries do happen, in fact as much as 82% of professional runners can expect an injury at some point in their career.

The good thing though is that most injuries are quite preventable with the right care. As you’ll soon see, massage therapy works wonders for treatment and should be part of any serious athletes training routine. Adam Harris in Vancouver is one of the best in the business for massages geared towards athletes. So if you wish to stay on top of your game read on and find out what the most common injuries are, how you can prevent them as well as treat them.

Achilles Tendinitis

Running from your calf muscles down to your heel, the Achilles tendon is the thickest tendon in your body. Excessive training without proper rest will cause a lot of tension and pain both during and after running. Once injured it takes a long time to heal as it doesn’t receive a lot of blood flow.

Proper stretching before and after a run along with adequate rest will usually prevent tendinitis and keep any pain from getting worse. Should you, however, develop a lot of pain then massage therapy, especially a sports massage, can loosen the muscles and get you back to full health.

Runners knee

A very common injury, runners knee can have multiple causes but generally, it happens when your kneecap is out of alignment. Symptoms include feeling pain around your kneecap, especially when using stairs, doing squats or anything really that puts strain on the knee.

While the pain might be felt around the knee, the cause is usually to be found around the lateral hip and thigh. When you first notice any pain applying ice post-run will help it from getting worse but for effective treatment, you need to rebalance the muscles in the lower body. Lateral side steps and stretching your hip flexors are great for this.

Plantar Fasciitis

You know that sharp pain you get when breaking in a new pair of shoes? That’s your planter fasciitis, a broad sheet of connective tissue on the soles of your feet. While poorly fitting shoes are a common cause of it, a poor running technique can also cause severe irritation that can make every step pure agony.

Depending on how bad it is it can be cured easily with ice, stretching and adequate rest. If the pain becomes chronic though only a deep tissue massage will break up the tension and get the blood flowing again.

This is far from a complete list but these are the most common injuries most runners will experience at one time or another. We highly recommend that at the first sign of any discomfort you take adequate rest and stretch the muscles. Getting a massage 1-2 times a week, will also help prevent injuries and heal most should they get worse.

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